Implement the invention and apply for a patent

You have a good invention and need someone who will implement it and logs on to patent? Draw on our extensive experience. We have a lot to bring even on a small budget.

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Together with you we analyze your invention and the commercially successful implementation. Besides being able to bring your idea to the production stage, we have a network of business angels, investors and other financiers.

Whether an invention is good depends on the wishes of the inventor. One wants to earn as much money as possible and the other wants to help people and pays for it. These two extreme examples illustrate the variety of wishes. Therefore it is important to find out for us in a direct conversation with the inventor what the requests are. To the ideal implementation of the invention our team of experienced experts cares.

We support you in your invention upon request,

Of course your information will be treated confidentially. Innovation consultant and inventor consultants will help you to realize your dream.

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