How to land faster – Fortnite Battle Royale

You want to be the first to land at Fortnite Battle Royale? Here you will be explained exactly how this works.

Who does not know that? In Fortnite Battle Royale, you jump out of the bus and find yourself on the verge of landing that others are earlier. Already a few seconds earlier to land decide in the critical beginning phase whether you survive or not. At this critical beginning, you can already grab a weapon and kill any players who are still approaching. The targeted goal should finally belong to you alone.

The optimal exit point is considered mathematically, calculated and simply explained. Incidentally, this is wonderfully suited for entering numerous other topics in the field of physics and mathematics.

90 ° rule is not optimal

In short: The much cited 90 ° rule is not optimal.
Bild "Fortnite_90_degree_rule_is_bad.png"
                picture: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0

In the sketch you see the following:

colour what
green the island
turquoise the bus route
purple   Your flight path after the exit
Blue rectangle   the bus
red cross Guess ... ok, there you want to go.

In order to get a foundation, I was allowed to measure a few speeds in the game. Of course only to continue afterwards :-).

Incidentally, the distance displayed in Fortnite Battle Royale is the direct distance to the ground target, not the distance on the ground.

Speeds in Fortnite

what   speed in m/s   comment
Bus 100 With attention to the bush height
glide   32 Depending on the slip angle
umbrella 20   
run 5   
Glide vertically downwards 60 is equal to the maximum vertical speed
Falling off bus, without further action   12 minimum vertical speed

Heights in Fortnite Battle Royale

A few interesting heights:

what Height above ground in m
into the bis 830
Right after the jump   810
Automatic opening   100

As you can see, the bus in Fortnite is very fast with 100 m / s or 360 km / h. All other speeds are much slower. That's why you should stay in the bus and wait for the optimal exit point instead of flying forever over the map with the glider.

Calculate optimal exit point

Now it gets serious. How can the optimal exit point be calculated? Let's start with a sketch.

Bild "Fortnite_symbols.png"
                picture: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0

The x-axis is exactly the same as the Fortnite Battle Royale bus route. The zero point is the edge of the island at the beginning. The y-axis is perpendicular to the x-axis.

Symbol   meaning
y_z The vertical distance of the destination to the bus route
x_B Exit point from the bus in Fortnite
x_z x distance to the target point on the ground (not shown in the sketch)
L Flight distance from exit point

Try to calculate the distance L yourself.

If you try that with Pythagoras theorem - perfect.

You get:
Bild "Fortnite_formula.png"

The exit point can be optimized

Can the exit point really be optimized? A brief consideration clearly provides a "YES". Why?
1. If you jump out of the Fortnite Bus right at the beginning, you're on the road forever (for the point in the sketch).
2. If you jump in the end, you are on the way again for a long time.
→ Somewhere in between there is an optimal exit point from the bus.

There is an optimal exit point from the Fortnite bus.

Important is a minimum time.

For example, if you want the minimum distance, you jump out of the bus immediately at the beginning and move directly towards the destination. When landing but many will wait for you. Optimizing to a minimum distance is therefore not useful!

Optimize on time

The criterion for optimization is time. You want to arrive at the destination as soon as possible. Let's take a look at the times. This consists of different sections:

1. time in the bus (t_B)
2. Time for forward flight in free fall (t_V)
3. sliding phase with umbrella or hang glider (t_R)

The total time is thus:

t_z = t_B + t_V + t_R

To make it easier for you, I summarize the times for the forward flight and the gliding phase.

Bild "Fortnite_formula_2.png"

v_z is the average speed towards the finish and will range between 20 m / s (no free fall) and about 32 m / s (no use umbrella). I expect 25 m / s. This fits well for most goals.

At the best exit point from the bus in Fortnite, the total time (t_z) is the smallest. This gives us an extreme value task.

If you are in mathematics a bit longer, think immediately of the first derivative → very good. If you equate the first derivative with zero and transform something you get:

Bild "Fortnite_minimum_time.png"

This has made the optimal exit point calculable. However, the formula can not be used in practice. Because until you have calculated the point, the round is over :-).

That's why it's a bit simpler:

Bild "Fortnite_optimum_bus_get_off_point.png"

Gamma is the expression of the denominator. This can be easily calculated for different cases and is:

2.4 no use umbrella (for example, you land directly on a high target)
3.3 Fits well for most purposes
4.1 The umbrella or hang glider is used immediately after the jump.

Bild "Fortnite_optimum_bus_get_off.png"

Instructions for land faster in Fortnite

With this you can easily determine the optimal exit point according to the following steps:
1. Mark your destination on the map :-)
2. Measure roughly the vertical distance (blue arrow in the sketch) to the target.
3. Divide this distance by 3 (usually fits) and jumps earlier (!) off the bus. Just remember the point where you leave the mouse pointer there. The target remains marked.
4. When you open the umbrella or hang glider is a matter of practice. In the best case, you end up at the finish line.

Tips for faster landing in Fortnite

1. In the free fall phase, both the fall speed and the horizontal speed (= distance flight) change with your angle to the horizon. That's why the rule "divided by three" also depends on your glide angle and does not always fit perfectly.
2. A very good glide angle for further stretches is to be achieved as follows: You hold the horizon in about half of the minimap top right. By the way, this glide angle is ideal for maximum ranges when jumping off a trampoline.

Bild "Fortnite_optimum_slip_angle.png"
                picture: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0

3. The umbrella or hang glider automatically opens 100 meters above the ground directly below you. Therefore, look for a deep point (for example, river valley or the sea) for the opening, and then head for a higher point.
4. Running is extremely bad as this is the slowest speed. Rather open the umbrella a bit too early and then come circling above the target while looking at the surroundings as they run to the finish.
5. Look at the finish before exiting the bus. Use as orientation the blue flame of the bus. This should coincide with the marked goal. Then you immediately jump in the right direction.
6. Slides forward to the finish by holding the forward button to run.
7. Incidentally, light also seeks the shortest path to the destination. Therefore, the light is refracted, for example, on a water surface.

But now have fun playing. If you have more tips, just contact me.

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