Training in industry and technology

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Talk about miniaturization of the German Museum in Munich

If you want to tackle a new industrial project with new technology for you, technical training or training at the beginning of the project makes sense. This gives you and your team new insights and can use the new technology efficiently. Our technical management consultants have a broad technical knowledge, many years of industry experience and constantly further development .

Training of our technical experts

For further technical training ask us. We are happy to prepare customized training and carry them out. Such technical training is a good opportunity allow their employees to see "the bigger picture" to. Thus, the technology choices of their staff will be expanded and increase the chances of success for the project.

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Lecture on fast and accurate height measurement, University of Hannover

We are preparing the training before so that exactly the topics to be addressed, which for your employees or you are relevant. This increases the efficiency and readiness to learn increases. Before the training, it is possible to carry out a preliminary study on a topic and to process the results with training. So it is possible to go through the existing electronic circuits and derive priorities for the training of it. If it is found during the preliminary investigation, for example, that there are often problems during EMC testing, the employees involved may correspond to sensitize and brought up to date in this area.
Many companies could optimize their development process significantly and be so much faster on the market, with lower costs. For this issue, we also offer training courses. Starting with the market analysis (market trends, clients) about the specifications to the complete development process.

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Training example

Due to the optimizing a another complex production process for the casting of a 2K plastic was observed in one company. Questioned also became clear that there is also a quality problem in this process. A training course on the state of the art in this process was well received by the person responsible and translated the findings into self-responsibility into action. Since this process step is carried out faster and with better quality.