create and verify requirement specification including template

With a requirement specification you define the properties of the product during the design phase. If necessary in the form of a preliminary data sheet. We create with you the requirement specifications of your product together. If you already have a specification we consider this of course. Take advance of the requirement specification template below.

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Let assist. We analyze your requirement specifications and provide tips for optimizing. With the requirement specification a supplier is commissioned later and the less uncertainty the better.

Benefit from a good requirement specification

  • Faster progress in development, as many questions were clarified in advance.
  • Less trouble with the supplier.
  • Clear product definition.

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A requirement specification describes the exact requirements of an object. This can be a device, process, software or otherwise. A product specification describes how the request is released from the contract documents.

For example:
Requirement specification: The device must not have any sharp edges.
Product specification: Minimum radius of edges and corners is set to R = 1.0 mm and implemented constructively. Burrs are removed after production.

The components of the requirement specifications depend on the object to be described.

The requirement specification for a device typically has the following components:
  1. authorised signature list for release by the persons involved or executives
  2. nondisclosure
  3. system purpose (short product description)
  4. state of the art
  5. abbreviations, key words
  6. system features in detail
  7. design
  8. system application
  9. system requirements
  10. general requirements
  11. quality requirements

The individual components should be logically grouped and numbered in order not to lose track.

The following syntax has proven itself and is preferable to a simple serialization.


REQ: requirement
XX: group e.g. GR for general request
NNN: consecutive number within the group

REQ-GR-001:  storage temperature: -20…+80°C
This syntax to communicate with the development partners and suppliers is much easier. It can be clearly indicated to which request it goes. A simple numbering has the disadvantage that it is later more difficult  to add requirements into a certain group. Based on a simple numbering normally it can not be narrowed down the request without the present specification. A "QR" in the group name would indicate "quality requirements".

It is also possible to process the syntax in a table and work through like a checklist. This can be controlled in a clear manner, what requirements are still open and which requirements are already done.

typical errors in the requirement specifications

  • the specification is written unclear like "The device should be lightweight" rather than "the maximum weight must not exceed 5.0 kg".
  • standards and laws are not sufficiently researched and reported.
  • good-natured. For example "Must work at 230V" rather than "Input Voltage Range: 180 VAC to 260 VAC at 45 to 55 Hz"
  • critical topics not included as cleaning, service.

We can assist you in the preparation of requirement specifications or the correction of requirement specifications.

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A well-made specification clarifies all questions. Ideally, the contractor does not have to ask what is meant and has a clear idea of the product.

As an example, one possible specification for a hexacopter shown excerpts.

Note: A hexacopter is similar to a quadcopter constructed, but has 6 propellers instead 4.

cover sheet

requirement specification hexacopter

project: hexacopter
revision: 1.23
document date: 27.04.2015
print date: 27.04.2015
number of pages: 32

approval requirement specification

function name receive date approved forwarded date
function name receive date approved forwarded date
project management
function name receive date approved forwarded date
head of R&D
function name receive date approved forwarded date
quality management
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cover sheet end


This document is confidential. Copying and distribution of this document, utilization and communication of its contents are strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized. Offenders will be liable to pay damages. All rights, including intellectual property rights, such as patents, utility models, industrial designs and / or marks are reserved.
WARNING: This does not affect the text on the website. You can use it as a template.


version description date name
1.0 censored 18.01.2015 TC
.. .. .. ..


1 System and general purpose

1.1 state of the art

On the market there are various Copter. Quadcopter are most widespread in the hobby sector. Quadcopter however can not be used in the professional field because of the reliability. Here hexa or octa-opter are suitable.

1.2 system description

This specification describes exclusively a hexacopter.

1.2.1 general description of the system components

The SYSTEM hexacopter include the following modules:
  1. drive unit (engine, engine electronics and propeller)
  2. payload (for example a camera)
  3. flight control unit
  4. remote control
  5. housing
  6. landing gear

1.3 purpose and scope of this document

This requirement specification is written to the adherence of requirements of contractors. Furthermore it is determined which part of the development will the client do and which one the contractor ...
This document exclusively describes the requirements for the contractor. Are requirements formulated in this document is inconclusive or course is...
If information or requirements in these specifications contradict those of the official documents the official documents are valid. In this case the contractor must be informed immediately. In some cases ...

Appearance requirements as problematic or not observed is to be with the client get in touch to find a possible solution to the problem of the contractor. Proposals to improve the performance of the system specifically requested.

1.4 weighting of requirements

The weighting of the individual requirements is carried out in the text in general and in particular in the requirement descriptions which are introduced by the abbreviation REQ via signal words. The signal words and their descriptions are listed in Table 1 below.

term description
must-have mandatory requirement
can t may depart from the requirement and / or an alternative proposed solution be submitted.
may it may depart from the requirement and / or an alternative proposed solution be submitted.
should if there are technical or economic reasons against the realization of a requirement this needs to be discussed with the client.
cannot if there are technical or economic reasons against the realization of a requirement this needs to be discussed with the client.
must not mandatory excluded
table 1: signal words and weighting

1.5 other documents

In the literature other than basic documents such as specifications, system descriptions and FMEA also standards, regulations and laws are to be incorporated. Listed standards and guidelines are to be regarded as binding.
reference document description date
1 IEC 60068-2-6 Umweltprüfungen – Teil 2-6: Prüfungen; Prüfung Fc; Schwingen, sinusförmig 2008
2 IEC 60068-2-27 Umgebungseinflüsse - Teil 2-27: Prüfverfahren - Prüfung Ea und Leitfaden: Schocken 2010-02
3 WEEE-Richtlinie Richtlinie 2002/96/EG Des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates über Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeräte 2003-03-27
4 REACH-Verordnung Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 2003-12-18
table 2: other documents

1.6 abbreviation

abbreviation description
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung
EN Europäische Norm
FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis
table 3: abbreviation

2 system function

2.1 functional description

The customer wants a system to move a payload, such as a camera, easy and safe in the air. The system is sold in the premium segment and therefore must be built in accordance with high quality.

2.2 housing design

The housing will consist of two parts: an upper part and a lower part. The case is in accordance with the design proposal...

Bild "Lastenheft_Hexacopter_Design.jpg"
                Foto: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0


3 system application

The Hexacopter is to be marketed and used throughout the world and therefore must comply with at least the corresponding EN standards, as set out in Section 1.5. .

4 system requirements

4.1 general requirements

4.1.1 system environment and environment

REQ-SR-001: storage temperature

REQ-SR-002: case temperature

REQ-SR-003: ambient temperature

REQ-SR-004: humidity
Relative humidity from 5 to 100% with condensation.

REQ-SR-005: place of action
The hexacopter needs to be developed or suitable for the following locations:
  • Outdoor use.
  • Use in confined areas, for example, bridge inspection.

REQ-SR-006: components
Components must be selected so that they are available also in the next 5 years.

REQ-SR-007 shock resistance
DIN EN60068-2-27

REQ-SR-008: vibration resistance
DIN EN 60068-2-6

REQ-AB-009: cleaning
The housing of the Hexacopters must be designed so that a simple cleaning with a clammy cloth is possible.

REQ-SR-010: odor
The hexacopter should be largely neutral odor even at higher temperatures.

REQ-SR-011: acoustic properties
In 1.5 meters distance outdoors the sound pressure level must be less than 70 dBA. Measured under unfavorable conditions such as full load operation.

REQ-SR-012: energy supply
The hexacopter must-have operated with standard batteries (eg LiPo).

REQ-SR-013: maloperation
The hexacopter has anticipated incorrect operation without damage. Among them are for example the lifting of a motor arm by hand or transport in a trunk without special protection.

REQ-SR-014: cleaning
The hexacopter must be resistant to normal household cleaners

REQ-SR-015: drop test
The Hexacopter must be at least 10 drops from 1.0 meters onto a hard floor (eg concrete or tiles) harmless survive. Testing with maximum weight and hitting the landing gear. The angle of the impact is to be varied in the range of ± 30 °.

REQ-SR-016: sharp edges and burrs
The hexacopter must not have any sharp edges (radius less than 1.0 mm) and ridges on the outer housing parts and the landing gear. Exceptions are the propeller.

REQ-SR-017: Resistant to fluids
The Hexacopter must not be affected by heavy rain of up to 1 liter per minute and square meter and must remain airworthy.

REQ-SR-018: battery exchange
The battery can be changed without tools or to a maximum of a Phillips screw within a maximum of 2 minutes.

REQ-SR-019: rotation rate
The Hexacopter should achieve the following rotation rate in strong control commands at least:
yaw up to 90 °/s
roll/pitch up to 90 °/s

REQ-SR-020: flight time
The hexacopter must achieve a flight time of at least 20 minutes while hovering at 50% load.

REQ-SR-021: take off weight
The total weight of the hexacopters at maximum payload must not exceed 5.0 kg.

REQ-SR-022: payload
The hexacopter must be able to transport at least 2.5 kg payload.

REQ-SR-023: stationary hover
Befindet sich der Hexacopter im Schwebeflug in ruhiger Luft, muss die Abweichung in der Gier-,Roll- und Nick-Achse unter ±5° Abweichung liegen.


4.1.2 approvals

REQ-AP-001: required approvals
the system must fit the following approvals:
  • CE mark
  • REACH Regulation

4.1.3 technology

REQ-TY-001: pollutants
The system must be free of harmful substances according to RoHS.


4.1.4 systematic constraints

REQ-SC-001 costs
The hexacopter should total no more than 450.- € in the manufacturing cost. These production costs do not include batteries. As a basis for this price ...

REQ-SC-002 lifespan
The hexacopter needs (see 4.1.1. section) to have a lifespan of at least 2.5 years under the anticipated operating conditions. The daily flight time is estimated an average of 2 hours flight time.

REQ-SC-003 safety
The system must not be harmed people under the anticipated conditions. The also applies to the case of an error such as the rupture of a propeller in flight.


4.1.5 housing

REQ-HG-001 housing material
The plastic used must be flame-retardant according to UL94 V0 fire protection classification. Furthermore, the material must...

REQ-HG-002 design
see section 2.2 housing design

REQ-HG-003 general design
Care must be taken on the most efficient structure (in terms general construction costs).


4.1.6 organisation

REQ-OR-001 extent of development


5 quality requirements

Basically it should be ensured that a high-quality system is created. The installation and operation of the system must be as simple as possible.

REQ-QR-001 Quality assurance during the development process
During the development of an accompanying FMEA has to be made which must provide the contractor the customer made available for inspection.
Needs in order to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction of Hexacopter...

REQ-QR-003 quality assurance in series production
Should the contractor be the finisher of the unit so it must ensure the required quality by random checks. The client is parallel...


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