drone specialist for research and development from Germany

If you need help in the development, construction or optimization of a drone, we are happy to assist you.

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Read more: www.research-drone.com/en/extreme_climb_rate/world_record_drone.html

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Lecture on the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)

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Explanation of an P-Controller

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Lecture on fast and accurate altimetry

Whether quadcopter, hexacopter Octocopter or other configurations eg. drones. We perform mainly through research and development tasks for specialized applications. For this we have extensive tools of mathematical / physical models that can be processed even complicated issues. Research drone to verify the results have come by default in the application. The necessary regulatory requirements such as the landowner's permission, etc. are of course met.
We have specialists in the following topics:

If you (general or special issues) require an information session or workshop on drones, we offer experienced speakers.
So Dirk Brunner regularly lectures on the following topics:

We have an extensive network of experts and much experience in the field building drones, optimization and flight. Research in the area of drone performed also by us. Some of these projects are funded by different grants. Also we'll worry about.

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