Individual industry solutions and consulting

If you are faced with seemingly insurmountable technical problems in the industry, is an accomplished outside perspective or an individual consultation useful and helpful to quickly come to a solution for your industrial project. Our technical consultants have a very broad knowledge and are free from your internal environment. Long-term industry experience is a matter of course.

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Timely help from our technical consultants can prevent the complete project standstill.

When we face a problem we're unable to show after the completion of the analysis and evaluation as the problem can be solved. In rare cases, we can show that the task can not be solved with the technology currently available. Here we offer alternative ways in order to come to the goal. Employees who can not resolve an object always have certain limitations such as:

These restrictions are not in our directory. We have on the one hand a large network of specialists and on the other hand a great affinity to solve problems.

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Example of a heat exchanger

For a vault an insulation had to be found,which dissipates in the normal state the power dissipation of the data storage well to the outside. In case of fire but to little heat as possible get to the data store to avoid damaging these. The solution should be simple, inexpensive and very reliable. After a detailed analysis and clarification of the conditions the technology selection and preliminary investigations followed. For cost reasons systems with pumps are rejected.
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The developed and proven solution works with natural convection and a special fluid inside a heat exchanger. In case of fire the heat transfer is switched "off" about a physical effect of the heat exchanger. This works without electricity is inexpensive and very robust. The solution is protected by patents and ready for mass production.

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