Systematic optimization in industry and crafts

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Before the product optimization or process optimization a technical analysis is useful. Then our technical expert has the best chance to advance systematically technical optimization efficiently. We support industries such as handicraft businesses.

cost saving

Mostly technical optimization with the aim of cost saving are pursued. In this step, other conditions can be checked with. Thus, for in addition to a cost savings often work out a special feature and improve the product.
Cost savings are always possible. Our technical consultants have the possibility an emphasis on a meaningful cost/benefit ratio. Because what brings the best optimization when it does not pay off?

Further optimizations

Further optimizations such as "Operating environment for cost savings" can be made optional. A potential analysis often brings further starting points for cost savings or product improvements in a product optimization.

In-house optimization

Internally conducted optimizations are often blinkered not the most efficient solutions. Since processes have always been carried out, this is no longer questioned. The trained eye of an external consultant will recognize mental blocks and poor processes. Together with your team, these are eliminated and thus advanced the technical optimization crucial.

Strategic optimization

Suppose a small company which develops and produces sheet metal parts. An employee has now offer the idea also plastic injection molded parts and their tools. The advantage would be to obtain for the customer everything from one supplier. The manager is not sure if this makes sense. The assessment of this idea has been aligned with the corporate culture and the opportunities available. The company would just as the financial resources for this step, but by specializing in plastic injection molded parts businesses in the immediate vicinity would be the cost pressures from the outset enormously. Instead, a strategic partnership with one of the neighboring companies is proposed. In addition, the know-how is bundled and forged a collaborative partnership with the synergy of sheet metal parts and plastic. For both companies, this results in new business and a further delineation to competitors.

Depending on the task are selected in consultation with you the appropriate optimizations will start.

Technical improvements

  • Optimization Procedures
  • optimizing internal processes
  • Electronics optimization
  • Quality Optimize
  • Mechanical optimization
  • Product Optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • Time Optimization
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Software Optimization

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Example of an optimization

For an analog image processing applications in semiconductor production, the image brightness in real time and very high quality must be adjusted. Different required brightness curves and a very low product prices complicated the task. A processor with a corresponding power could not be used for price reasons.
The developed solution was now following:
Analog image signal -> A/D converter -> EPROM (as a lookup table) -> D/A converter -> analog image signal
Thus, the object could be implemented in all respects and stabbed in addition to the picture quality and power consumption significantly from its competitors.

another Example
Production of a metal part on a 4 axis milling machine with 3 setups. Improved programming and selection of suitable tools processing with just one setup could be carried out. The quality thus rose significantly, with falling milling time and lower costs.